Family Counselling: What to Expect and How Does It Work?

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Family relationships are fragile and can break or get heavily damaged when under prolonged stress. From the death of a family member, to divorce or other family issues, there are a number of scenarios that could trigger resentment among family members, leading to a dysfunctional family. Ignoring the problem and hoping that things will change as time goes by is the worst thing you can do for your family. Realising that there is a problem that needs to be addressed and resolved is the first step towards bridging the gap and becoming a more connected and loving family.

More often than not, adults tend to forget that children have deep feelings and emotions too. Just as you experience stress and your emotions go through a roller coaster in difficult times, so do the children. And such stress or strong emotions can be especially harmful for the children as they are unable to voice it and explain it to the parents. Not knowing how to express their feelings, many children tend to lash out and act erratically. Family counselling techniques can be the answer to such discord and trouble within the family. Having a professional listen to each member of the family, assess the situation, and offer his/her expert advice on how to cope/overcome the issues can help families that have drifted apart get back to being a close-knit unit.

How Does It Work?

Family therapy focuses on bringing the family together and assisting them in figuring out the issues and feelings that are causing discord within the family. The therapist will work with each of the family member to ensure that their voice is heard and their concerns and resentments, if any, are addressed. The main aim is to work on communication as that is the biggest problem area when it comes to dysfunctional families. When you go in for family therapy, you can expect to come out of it with better communication between family members, a more proactive approach to problem-solving, and some effective techniques to break out of negative patterns and habits that could cause tension in the family and lead to emotional distress.

What Is Group Therapy?

Group Therapy

In a family counselling setting, a group therapy session will typically involve the concerned family members, with occasional involvement from extended family if deemed necessary by the counsellor. It helps for the therapist to see the family as a whole unit to get a better idea of the dynamics between the members and figure out what could be causing tension and unease among the members. Also, while one of the family member opens up and talks about his/her experience, it is crucial for all the family members to be present so that they get a clear idea of what is going on. Whether it is preparing for a life-altering event—such as a divorce or moving to a new place—or dealing with some stressful times, group therapy plays a big part in family counselling.

Why Should You Go to A Family Counsellor as Opposed to a General Therapist?

When dealing with familial issues, it is necessary to go to a certified family counsellor and not just any counsellor or therapist. This is because family counselling is quite different and unique when compared to other forms of counselling. Individual counselling and the techniques used to counsel and help individuals will not work in a family setting. Only an experienced family counsellor will be able to work with a family in trouble and help them overcome their hurdles and work towards becoming a more-cohesive family unit.

Family Counselling

Family counselling has been gaining popularity as more and more people realise that perhaps their problems are not a result of their individual experience, but more a manifestation of familial dissonance. And the only way to resolve the issue and move forward is to do it as a family. Having the entire family participate in family counselling can help in bringing the members closer, giving them a better perspective of each other’s views and concerns, and will help them stay as a family. Many families have drifted apart over the years because of a lack of understanding and guidance. So, it’s best to not wait till things get from bad to worse. The smart thing to do would be to go for family counselling when you feel that the atmosphere at home is turning tense and unfriendly. After all, our family is what we depend and fall back on during trying times. So, we need to do everything in our power to keep our family in a happy and healthy state, with the members caring for and supporting each other.

Trestle Tables And Its Growing Popularity – The Unknown Bit

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Trestle tables were very popular during the Middle Ages as convenient furniture for a broad range of events and homes. Two foldable supports with a tabletop make up the constitution of a trestle table. However, with the passage of time, trestle tables have evolved, and today you can find several variations like the ones with fixed legs, stronger frames, ‘I’ shaped or ‘X’ shaped tables, etc. Antique timber is often employed in making these tables, and that gives them a rustic look. But, thoughtful styling can lend distinct contemporary looks when your preferences gravitate towards that. Take care, however, to ensure that your design blends well with the choice of rugs, lighting, chairs and other accessories so that the end result is something marvellous and your guests get the ‘awe’ feel. Ingenuity in the design can be brought about by efficiently mixing different styles. If you need Trestle for a event and wondering where to find them, then try Bespoke Events for hiring information of Trestle tables.

While designing trestle tables for internal use, such as at home, you can also play with colours so that the piece of furniture blends well with the rest of the room. White and blue with pops of red are popular colour choices though nothing can prevent you from trying other options. Graphic rug and styled wooden blinds on the windows are other options to consider enhancing the appeal of your Trestle table.

Growing popularity of trestle tables

white table

The popularity of trestle tables has been growing in recent times, primarily because of its versatility to suit different events. Event organisers and customers planning individual events are able to create the unique appeal to enhance their function with this type of tables. Another significant element that aids this popularity is the ease of stacking and transportation. As many as a few hundred tables can be transported in a single truck and stacking them at the event venue will similarly take up significantly lesser space, compared to standard tables. When everything else for the event is ready and it is time to start the event, these tables can be quickly installed in the desired space. When all components of the trestle table are perfect, no special skills are needed to install them or dismantle them after the event. The table top sits comfortably on the two supports provided, and since all the three pieces are relatively light weight, the task of installing the tables won’t take much effort either.

Depending on the size of the event and number of people expected to participate in the event, you can also select from a wide range of trestle tables regarding design, height and table tops. Imagine the hassles associated with transporting and stacking conventional tables with fixed legs when you have a large event and need many tables. When you factor in the compact space in which these can sit at the event venue when you are not using them and moving them around when needed, you can immediately appreciate why trestle tables are so popular today at event venues, event managers, and event suppliers.

Importance of appropriate seating arrangement for different events

Irrespective of the type of event, how you communicate with the audience is critical. It could be a business presentation, a product launch, or a gala dinner. The seating arrangement can make a significant difference to your ability to communicate with the audience.
In a theatre, for instance, the seating is in straight consecutive rows facing the screen. This arrangement gives you the maximum seating capacity, but the audience will have difficulty getting past other guests to occupy or exit their seats. Further, you will need aisles to ensure adequate access to the seats. Notice also that in this type of seating, there is no provision to take notes or serve drinks/snacks. There is also no interaction between the audience since all of them face only the screen or podium. This type of seating is desirable for product launches, meetings and Annual General Meeting of companies, etc.


Round dining tables are standard with banquets. The audience can sit around the table and face each other. This type of seating provides significant interaction between the members of the audience. However, the audience could be closed in and may need to push past other members of the audience for exiting or entering the seating area. This type of arrangement is familiar with gala dinners, banquets, board meetings, etc.

Hollow Square

This type of seating is similar to U shape seating though all 4 sides are closed, and the audience faces inwards. This kind of arrangement is ideal for a fully enhance audience interaction. Consuming beverages or plated food is also convenient with this type of seating arrangement. However, the seating capacity may be reduced, and there will not be a focal area like a podium for members of the audience to concentrate. For focused discussion with a large group of people, this arrangement is often preferred.


board room table

This is similar to the Hollow Square type of seating arrangement. However, the tables are not elongated like in the case of Hollow Square, and the audience faces inwards. This kind of seating encourages interaction between members of the audience. However, the presentation area is generally restricted, and you get only the end of a table as the focal point. This is considered ideal for team briefings, interviews and small presentations.

The above examples are not exhaustive but a mere representation of different ideas to help you understand how the trestle tables can be deployed under varying circumstances. With excellent mobility, light weight and versatility in application trestle tables offer you the freedom of designing your events in different ways. Notice also that the supports can hold boards with different dimensions making it even more convenient for your event.